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What is Online Check-In?

Online check-in refers to the process of online confirmation of your presence on the booked flight and also involves printing of your boarding pass at your convenience. It helps you to avoid serpentine queues at the airport and all you need to do is just drop-in your baggage at the specified area before proceeding to the security gates. Online check-in usually begins 24-48 hours before the departure till about 1-2 hours prior to the flight take-off time. You may refer to the website of the respective airline for complete online check-in policy.

How can I place a request for special seat selection?

Let us know whether you wish to book a window or an aisle seat. There are some airlines that allow you to choose your own seats via internet. Then there are cases where we may book your seat through us. However, this service may not be available for all routes, and you may also be required to pay additional charges for the same, especially with a low-cost airline.

How could I contact your travel consultants?

You may feel free to contact us for any reason related to your booking. You may either call us on our customer helpline number or leave your request by writing to us at We ensure you that one of our best specialists will get back to you.

How can I have my booking status confirmed?

After your booking is complete, you may expect an email from our end that will include the status of your booking. It would state whether your booking is confirmed, in-progress, or cancelled/declined. Generally, booking may be cancelled or declined due to failure of payment transaction.

When is the E-ticket/Paper Ticket issued?

Your e-ticket/paper ticket is issued within 4 days from the date of booking confirmation. Where your departure is within seven days from the booking confirmation date, you may expect your ticket within 24 hours.

Please note here that there may be unplanned security checks, well in line with our promise of providing 100% safe transaction. Hence, we may check the transaction before the confirmation which may delay the issuance of your tickets for a few hours. We will inform you through email if your transaction fails these security checks.

What is the validity of passport?

Your passport shall be valid for a minimum of six months after your return date. For travel to the US, you must carry along a machine-readable passport and also check whether the destination country requires visa for your journey.

What are the Baggage limits allowed for the flight?

Baggage allowances are limits that are imposed by the airlines on the number or capacity of baggage that a passenger could carry. The limits differ from airline to airline, and in some cases, on the booking fares.

Please note that there may be a specific weight limit or exclusion of any free baggage for most restricted fares. For online bookings, you must check with the baggage-limits of the airline. Some airlines offer addition of bags to your booking with just a single click.

How will I receive my baggage at the final destination?

If you have made a booking that involves different connecting flights, your baggage will be sent to the final destination. But in case you are visiting Canada or the US from any airport that is not within the US or Canada, you will be expected to collect the baggage at the first point of entry. Here you will have to check-in the baggage again at the transit airport.

For connecting flights that are booked on separate tickets, your baggage might not reach your final destination. For connecting flights operated by different low-cost carriers, you will have to claim the baggage at every airport and check-in your baggage each time for the proceeding flight.

What is Lost or delayed baggage?

Where the baggage is delayed, the airline is given 21 days for finding it and to subsequently return it back. Meanwhile, the airline may cover emergency expenditure that you might incur due to unavailability of your belongings. Where the airline can’t find the baggage within 21 days, it would be deemed as lost. You can make a claim for compensation for cases of lost baggage.

The airline normally asks you for a list of all the missing items. Wherever required, we will suggest you to adduce as many receipts in original as possible. You may file a claim at the airport desk or send a email at their official email address.

How can I add excess baggage to my booking?

Where you are flying with more bags than expected, we will be happy to help you with it. We will handle your baggage request if you are flying with any of our associated airline. For this, the airline may charge an additional fee that depends on weigh/quantity of additional baggage.

How do I change the flight?

If you have any changes in your travel plan, we will help you to get the most suitable alternative to your trip. Before making any changes to the booking, we will see if your ticket allows changes. Changes involving date or route modifications would be subject to particular conditions which are set by the respective airline. Most of the budgeted airlines do not allow of changes of any kind.

What are the charges involved with booking changes?

Where the airline allows such changes, it will require you to pay fare difference between the new and the old ticket. This may involve additional penalty fee. Further, we will also charge administrative charges related with it.

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